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Stress Management: How to Deal with Stress or Avoid It

Every day we meet situations that are unpleasant or force us into extreme scenes. This situation can either define us or destroy us. Most of the time, however, they cause stress; the same stress that we want to avoid. It’s also the very same stress that we usually desperately want to get rid of in our lives.

Stress, however, is part of the human condition. Any situation will always cause us stress if we don’t prepare for it. To know how to deal with these situations as well as the stress they cause, read on.

Time Management
Stress Level: Chill

Time management can always cause stress. There is only so much time in a day that you can’t do all the things you ever wanted. If you want to do the things you absolutely want, you should know how to manage your time. Allocate time properly to avoid the feeling that you’re always running out of it.

Manage your lifestyle
Stress Level: Moderate

Whether we’re out of time or not, stress is always caused by creating a lifestyle that’s unhealthy and potentially dangerous. One way of creating a Zen-like state and combating stress is managing your activities so that you’re able to accommodate all the things you ever wanted to do.

chill - Stress Management: How to Deal with Stress or Avoid It

Hang out with the people closest to you
Stress Level: Chill

If you find that you’re always running out of time, make time. Create time for the people who matter the most to you. Their support is also a big help if you feel like you’re always stress and need a time out. People like friends and family are a good source of support for you to fight stress.

Avoid certain substances
Stress Level: Average

You might always feel stressed because of high anxiety. This, however, is caused by some substances—most notably caffeine and stimulants like nicotine. These are found in cigarettes and coffee—two things you should avoid if you want your stress levels to go down.

Indulge in more physical activities
Stress Level: Moderate

When you are always cooped up in the office, you may feel like your life revolves around the four corners of your cubicle. Go out and have fun! Man wasn’t created to just sit around all day. Exercise or, better yet, take part in a group activity with your friends, like sports or jogging.

The best de-stressor: Sleep
Stress Level: Chill

Life can get too much to handle if you’re always chasing after it. Learn to settle down and let things happen. If you find that you lack sleep, make time for it; sleep can also help your body recover. By letting it recover, you’re also lowering your stress levels.

Stress happens on a daily basis, whether we like it or not, the key thing here is to keep it to a minimum; we should actively find activities to lower our stress such that it won’t bother us again.

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Blog1 - Cold Turkey Help Resources: Basic Methods to Keep you Away from Tobacco Guide Health 

Cold Turkey Help Resources: Basic Methods to Keep you Away from Tobacco

Smoking, like any addiction, is pretty hard to overcome. This is true especially if you began smoking at a pretty young age. It’s that hard to avoid because you most probably learned it in the company of your peers. Fear not, however; you can avoid smoking and finally drop it with a bit of help.

Take a look at some of these ideas and see if this works for your journey toward throwing that last pack of smokes in the trash.

A quick, but effective, method

To quit smoking is a monumental effort to some, but the trick is to do it all of a sudden. The cold turkey method supports this. You could go about this two ways—reduce the amount of cigarettes you smoke bit by bit, or just quit smoking in an abrupt, sudden manner.

vape - Cold Turkey Help Resources: Basic Methods to Keep you Away from Tobacco

Go for substitutes

A well-loved method that some people would prefer is to replace cigarettes with a less harmful variant. Nicotine is one of the reasons why some people find it hard to quit; they’ve become addicted to it. A nicotine patch or nicotine-based vape liquid is an effective replacement.

Get the support of friends and family

Another effective way of keeping to your promise is to get the help of people around you. Quitting with a friend is twice the fun and an effective support method; quitting with a family member is another. This is a good method especially if you have a weak willpower.

people - Cold Turkey Help Resources: Basic Methods to Keep you Away from Tobacco

Get into a group of like-minded people

If your family and friends don’t smoke, or if you can’t get their support, get into a group with the same goal. It’s like an alcoholic’s support group—you can get rid of your habit and, at the same time, meet new friends on the path to becoming a better you.

Involve yourself in activities

When you finally quit, fill your day with lots of activities. You can exercise or do other things during the times you usually smoke. Anything will do, just as long as you don’t have an idle time in the day that reminds you of when you took a ‘smoking break.’

img1 - Cold Turkey Help Resources: Basic Methods to Keep you Away from Tobacco

It’s not that easy to quit, especially for people who’ve been smoking for a long time. With the help of family and friends and with a dedicated effort, however, you can achieve a totally smoke-free future.

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