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For Teeners: How to Make Sure You’re Always Active & Healthy

Life as a teener gets more complicated. When you were small, most of the time, your parents worried about stuff for you. When you grow everything becomes different; you start to worry about your clothes, your music, your friends, you education—you begin to worry about everything. It’s a part of growing up and it’s only normal.

One thing you should be worried about too is how to stay healthy. Here are some tips to keep you in the pink of health, the same when you were little.

Choices count

When choosing what to eat, always go after naturally prepared food. This includes fruits, grains, animal produce, and vegetables. You should also look after how you cook your food; avoid oily food and go for steamed or boiled food. Going after naturally prepared food helps you avoid fat, which could be harmful for your body as you get older.

Suffer your sweet tooth

As a teener, you’re still prone to fits where you have craving for sweet foods like cupcakes, cakes, and the like. If you find yourself eating more sweets than you can have for a day, cut off from it and try to eat more food with natural occurring sugar. This means you should have more fruits in your diet. Aside from helping your craving, apples and other similar fruits can help give you more fiber.

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Eat only what your body needs

The only time you should eat is when your body absolutely needs it. If you feel hungry, then eat, but don’t eat too much than what your body needs. People tend to eat more than their fill and that’s what brings more fat into your body. Eating only your fill for the time also helps you maintain your weight as well as the fats coming from the accumulation of food in your body.

Skipping meals is a no-no

Skipping meals is a problem that makes you eat more than is your fill. You should always eat the major meals of your day—that includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You should keep snacks in-between to a minimum to keep your appetite for lunch and dinner. If you feel hungry, you can substitute snacks with a glass of water or, better yet, eat fruits like apples or bananas.

Be active

Life as a teener is one of the best times that a person can have. It’s also a part of your life when you move around a lot and get into sports a lot. When you’re young, you should move as much as possible. This also includes times of your life when you can still move as much as you can.

When you’re young, you feel like you can conquer the world and everything’s possible. This is only natural; you should move and do as much as you can when you’re young so you reap the benefits when you’re old.

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