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Make Your Day Harder: A Look at Dr. Mike’s Breakthrough Website

Having behavioral changes and some tweaks to how you do your day-to-day isn’t easy. Aside from making radical improvements to your behavior, you’re basically creating a new space in which your life deviates from what you’re used to into something entirely new. It is never easy, but it’s something you should at least try, if it’s something that will improve your life.

Making Your Day Harder—the Idea

The idea for Make Your Day Harder came after a study was done that we have more times sitting and not standing up. While we’re living longer lives than our forebears, that doesn’t mean we’re living healthier, more pro-active lives than them. The name ‘Make Your Day Harder’ comes from the concept that we need more activity to justify our longer lives.

Changing the outlook

The team behind the website grasps on the idea of creating a drastic change in behavior by little adjustments done here and there. Have an anemic daily routine? You can start an overhaul by removing most of the stagnancy and moving little by little, avoiding inactivity in your day.

First tweak: A change in a week

One of the ideas of the ‘Make Your Day Harder’ movement is to merge small tweaks and little changes into your week. It could start by moving once every few hours. That could escalate by one active day in a week, and it could grow by as much as a whole week of activity in a month.

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Second tweak: A sharing of 80 to 20

Another idea incorporated along with the active lifestyle is to create healthy food choices. This could happen by actively looking for healthy food 80% of the time. That doesn’t mean that you’ll shock your system into accepting, however; that leaves about 20% where you get to eat your favorite comfort foods that aren’t as healthy.

Third tweak: Sharing is caring

In today’s age, social media isn’t just for showing off your latest gadget or bragging about your latest trip. It’s also about sharing tips and help to others struggling with the same kind of inactivity as you. Got something useful to impart? Social media is just waiting for your own gem of knowledge.

Most of the time, we’re sitting around waiting for something interesting to happen. Why not make yourself that interesting? Try out new things you’ve never done before. Go somewhere you’ve never been. These little things are among the many activities that ‘Makes your Day Harder’ and more interesting.

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