Blog11 - For Teeners: How to Make Sure You’re Always Active and Healthy Active Health Lifestyle 

For Teeners: How to Make Sure You’re Always Active and Healthy

Life as a teener gets more complicated. When you were small, most of the time, your parents worried about stuff for you. When you grow everything becomes different; you start to worry about your clothes, your music, your friends, you education—you begin to worry about everything. It’s a part of growing up and it’s only normal.

One thing you should be worried about too is how to stay healthy. Here are some tips to keep you in the pink of health, the same when you were little.

Choices count

When choosing what to eat, always go after naturally prepared food. This includes fruits, grains, animal produce, and vegetables. You should also look after how you cook your food; avoid oily food and go for steamed or boiled food. Going after naturally prepared food helps you avoid fat, which could be harmful for your body as you get older.

Suffer your sweet tooth

As a teener, you’re still prone to fits where you have craving for sweet foods like cupcakes, cakes, and the like. If you find yourself eating more sweets than you can have for a day, cut off from it and try to eat more food with natural occurring sugar. This means you should have more fruits in your diet. Aside from helping your craving, apples and other similar fruits can help give you more fiber.

food3 - For Teeners: How to Make Sure You’re Always Active and Healthy

Eat only what your body needs

The only time you should eat is when your body absolutely needs it. If you feel hungry, then eat, but don’t eat too much than what your body needs. People tend to eat more than their fill and that’s what brings more fat into your body. Eating only your fill for the time also helps you maintain your weight as well as the fats coming from the accumulation of food in your body.

Skipping meals is a no-no

Skipping meals is a problem that makes you eat more than is your fill. You should always eat the major meals of your day—that includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You should keep snacks in-between to a minimum to keep your appetite for lunch and dinner. If you feel hungry, you can substitute snacks with a glass of water or, better yet, eat fruits like apples or bananas.

Be active

Life as a teener is one of the best times that a person can have. It’s also a part of your life when you move around a lot and get into sports a lot. When you’re young, you should move as much as possible. This also includes times of your life when you can still move as much as you can.

When you’re young, you feel like you can conquer the world and everything’s possible. This is only natural; you should move and do as much as you can when you’re young so you reap the benefits when you’re old.

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Blog10 - A Healthy Adulthood: How to Eat the Right Kinds of Food Health Lifestyle 

A Healthy Adulthood: How to Eat the Right Kinds of Food

When you grow into adulthood, the amount of things you can do only multiply. The problem, however, is that with the advanced age also comes a new kind of living. You should become more watchful of what you eat as well as how much you weigh; when you grow older, that’s when you should watch your weight for your health.

So how do you become healthier as you age? It all starts with these few tips.

Avoid being overweight

When you’re an adult, being overweight is no longer cute. It is cute to have a few extra pounds when you’re young, but it brings a lot of complications as you age. Aside from making you feel unattractive, it can also bring health problems like high blood pressure and cholesterol, diabetes, heart disease and stroke, as well as certain cancers that you can avoid if you control your weight.

Stick to healthy eating

As much as you want to eat, you should take a closer look at what you put into your body. You should eat more foods rich in fiber as well as certain vitamins and minerals. Food like fruits and vegetables, oatmeal, seafood, as well as certain dairy products and root crops are good food to eat. You shouldn’t really be eating a lot of junk food anyway.

Diversify your diet

When you eat food, you shouldn’t eat only one food group. Being a vegetarian is good but your body needs meat; the same thing is true for people who eat only meat. When you eat food, you should really have different choices to eat. Mix meat with vegetables and other food to have as much of their benefits into your body, but control how much of them you eat.

img4 - A Healthy Adulthood: How to Eat the Right Kinds of Food

Replace snacks with healthy ones

When you’re craving, typically, your quick fix would be to buy snacks at your favorite store. The problem is when you have health problems that prevent you from eating snacks like this. You could replace them with a healthier alternative like fruits rich in fiber. Bananas and apples stand on top of the list for being easy to eat, among others.

Keep moving!

Age also makes you fat, so you need to keep moving. There are many reasons why you should watch your weight. Being fat makes you prone to more diseases. It’s also easier to move as an active lifestyle makes you feel more alive.

It’s easy to become healthier when you grow up if you start it earlier in life. Even when you start late, that’s no reason to even forget trying to start at all. Get healthier and get more active while you still can.

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Blog9 - A Smoking Workaround: How to Effectively Survive Quit Day Health Lifestyle 

A Smoking Workaround: How to Effectively Survive Quit Day

Quitting smoking is the most mature decision you can make in your life. It’s not that easy for some—especially those who’ve been smoking all their adult life. However, for some people, it’s just a simple matter of creating a plan and sticking to it. You need to decide and follow it through.

If you belong to whichever crowd, whatever your reasons, smoking is just bad for you. Here’s how to manage quitting for good.

Plan to succeed

There’s that saying that ‘if you fail to plan…’ you know the rest. Having a plan means you’re committed to seeing it through until you finally don’t crave for cigarettes anymore. If you’re having a hard time, you can ask help from a specialist. If you belong to the crowd who can quit on your own, do it. Be aware that only very few people succeed in quitting this way, though.

Find alternatives

If you find it hard to keep away from nicotine, you can go and find other alternatives. This is an effective way of managing your quitting step by step. You can use other sources of nicotine that doesn’t involve smoking other people to death. You can also have a specialist step in to help you with your behavior as well as an addiction to nicotine.

Keep yourself distracted

It’s not that easy to quit smoking since you’re leaving a big opening in your day-to-day activity. You can focus on other activities that are healthier and are more of a help to you. If you want, you can chew gum to keep your mouth busy. If that’s not what you want, you can step out and exercise or choose to walk around, see some friends, or go jogging.

Stay away from certain chores

When you’re smoking, some activities remind you of this life. You alone would know which activities these are and what you can do to avoid them. If you can, throw away your cigarettes or avoid places that would make you smoke again. Follow rules in places that prohibit smoking. You shouldn’t give in to smoking or else you risk coming back to that life.

Always keep a positive outlook

Quitting smoking is an immerse effort on your part. Usually, people plan long and hard for this sort of thing. However, a few weeks into it—or even as soon as a minute after you quit—you feel yourself wanting to get back into the habit. A big help would be to keep your head up and remember why you’re stopping in the first place. It helps you keep things into perspective.

Seek professional help

If you find that you can’t stop on your own, you shouldn’t hesitate to ask help from a professional or from friends. Let them know what you’ve set out to do and let them help you. As easy as it is for some to stop smoking on their own, it’s easier for most to stop smoking when they’ve got people helping them.

These are not the only steps you can take to stop smoking. You can go and create paths to help you stop smoking completely. Having a strong willpower helps tons, but having friends with stronger willpower is fine too.

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BLog8 - Alcoholism and How to Stop It: Finding the Magic Medicine to Keep Alcohol Away Health Lifestyle 

Alcoholism and How to Stop It: Finding the Magic Medicine to Keep Alcohol Away

To be clear, there’s no ‘magic medicine’ or ‘immediate solution’ to stopping alcohol addiction. As easy as it is to get addicted to alcohol, it is hard to stay away from it. The only way you can completely get free of alcoholism is to seek help from professionals who know what they’re doing.

If you have a problem with alcoholism and you want to finally be rid of it, here’s a few tips to help. It pays to remember that it’s still better to consult professionals who know what they’re doing.

1|Know that you have a serious problem

Addiction is a serious problem. You never know how it started, though you may have an idea why you started it. You’ll never know that you have a problem until you realize and recognize it. Once you know it, you’ll have to figure out a way how to stop yourself from falling into the same problem over and over again until you find your way out.

2|Know the reasons for quitting

You know you have a problem, now know the reason why you should deal with the problem. The best way to do this is to make a list of why you’re stopping; it could be that you’re already walking away from people who mean a lot to you. It could also be a way to get the money you drink away back. Whatever your reason, find one that makes sense to you and stick to it.

think - Alcoholism and How to Stop It: Finding the Magic Medicine to Keep Alcohol Away

3|Know your goals

When you’ve started realizing your problem and have a reason to quit, you have to set mini-goals and stick to making them. When do you want to stop drinking and how much—little by little—can you give up? You can make a list of it. Another reason you should follow your goals is to make yourself feel better when you complete each goal—a good motivator for completing it.

4|Know how to quit properly

Let’s face it—there are ways to stop and, sometimes, it’s better to just stop drinking bit by bit than just stopping altogether. You can do this by cutting back on the drinks until you find your reliance on it diminishing. You can then start cutting back some more until you feel you can completely stop drinking. By then, you can say that you’re completely ready to cut back on alcohol.

Alcoholism isn’t a pretty sight—you lose yourself and you cut yourself away from family. When you learn to keep away from drinks, that’s the time you start on the path to recovery.

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Blog7 - Give Yourself a Chance—How to Focus on Keeping a Healthy Diet Food Health Lifestyle 

Give Yourself a Chance—How to Focus on Keeping a Healthy Diet

It might look like a hard mountain to climb, but you can completely create a healthy diet. It’s built in us to eat healthy and all the junk food we’ve been eating is a recent invention. You shouldn’t lose hope if you find yourself having a hard time selecting food you can eat—there’s a perfect way to create a good diet.

If you need help, you can ask a dietician friend or your local physician to help you out. More than that, here are a few tips that can give you a fighting chance.

food - Give Yourself a Chance—How to Focus on Keeping a Healthy Diet

Eat a Healthy Selection

You might’ve heard of eating a lot of food. But did you know that you can eat all of these as long as you eat them by part? It’s true that you should eat a lot of food but you should eat more healthy food—and you should eat them at a part that’s right for you. Eat more food that is rich in disease fighting minerals like fruits and vegetables.

Get your grains into you

Eating should also include grains like whole wheat, oats, and bran. As long as you keep them at a portion that’s okay, it’s fine to eat as much of them. They are food rich in fiber that helps in your digestion. If you find yourself having difficulty in breaking down food into waste, you should eat more of these fiber-rich foods.

Go for natural sweets

Sweets are hard to avoid, but they are the number one source of a dreaded disease—diabetes. It’s also one of the easiest to avoid if you know how; you should lay off the processed sugars for a bit. Eat foods that are rich in naturally occurring sugar like fruits and other snacks. Empty sugars are a risk; you should lay off the cookies and eat less of them.

food2 - Give Yourself a Chance—How to Focus on Keeping a Healthy Diet

Get into healthy fats

It’s hard to believe that there are fats that are healthy. However, you can get these from nuts and fish. If you eat more of these foods, you get the satisfaction without eating more of the unhealthy stuff. It’s also good to fry the fish in low-fat vegetable oil; studies have shown that these don’t contribute to gaining weight and, as such, help you in shedding off excess fat.

Get away from fats coming from animals

There’s a reason you should avoid red and processed meat or, at least, you control your intake of them. When they’re overcooked, they’re a big source of carcinogen. However, they are also a source of saturated fats that are more harmful than good. Instead of red meat from animals, try to eat more red meat from the sea.

Once you’ve got the hang of it, creating a healthy diet will no longer be such a challenge for you. It’s just a matter of knowing which food is harmful for your health and which ones you should be eating more of.

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Blog6 - The Human Papillomavirus Dilemma: Should You Get Vaccinated for HPV? Health Lifestyle 

The Human Papillomavirus Dilemma: Should You Get Vaccinated for HPV?

There are many cases involving cervical cancers that have HPV as the cause. HPV stands for the human papillomavirus and, contrary to popular belief, it can affect both men and women. Countless ways have been developed to fight HPV but, so far, the most effective way is to get vaccinated for it at an early age.

If you’re sexually active, remember that the HPV vaccine is not a cure for genital warts; it’s a cure for cancer, a more serious problem. Here’s why you should get HPV vaccinated.

Extensive testing is already done

When you get vaccinated against something, you want to be safe from that disease; alternatively, you want the vaccine used on you to be proven safe and effective. They test the current HPV vaccines being circulated today thoroughly and is as safe and effective as possible.

HPV is something you shouldn’t laugh at

Sexually active people are commonly at risk for STDs like the clap—chlamydia—and gonorrhea as well. However, the most commonly transmitted disease is still HPV. Furthermore, HPV can evolve to become more serious; cancer is one of the most common diseases it evolves into.

If it doesn’t work, you’re covered

Vaccines have an almost equal chance of not working. If you’re not sure whether to get your child or yourself vaccinated, consider going for it anyway. Most insurance companies have it covered, and it’s one way of making sure you’re covered even before you have sexual contact or otherwise.

It does work

HPV vaccines available in the market have had a stunning success rate; out of 100%, 71% of adolescent women have had cancers and other genital diseases prevented. That’s a big number. You cut infections at the roots or even before they begin because of the vaccination.

medi - The Human Papillomavirus Dilemma: Should You Get Vaccinated for HPV?

Prevention is still better than a cure

If there is a cure for cancer, that is. Most of infections caused by HPV always end up turning into cancer; the best way to prevent it is still to get vaccinated. You don’t want to play Russian bullet by not getting vaccinated and contracting HPV.

It’s one of the readily available vaccines

When your child gets vaccinated, you can have HPV vaccination included as well. It’s already available to teeners aged 11-12 and is part of a three-fold vaccine to shield you against infections. The other two—which is available at an early age—is for meningitis and whooping cough.

IF you think getting vaccinated for HPV can come at a later time, you think again. There’s a fine line between HPV infection and not getting infected—if prevention is better than a cure, HPV vaccination is certainly better than trying to cure stage 1 of a potentially nasty cancer.

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Blog5 - Stress Management: How to Deal with Stress or Avoid It Guide Health Lifestyle 

Stress Management: How to Deal with Stress or Avoid It

Every day we meet situations that are unpleasant or force us into extreme scenes. This situation can either define us or destroy us. Most of the time, however, they cause stress; the same stress that we want to avoid. It’s also the very same stress that we usually desperately want to get rid of in our lives.

Stress, however, is part of the human condition. Any situation will always cause us stress if we don’t prepare for it. To know how to deal with these situations as well as the stress they cause, read on.

Time Management
Stress Level: Chill

Time management can always cause stress. There is only so much time in a day that you can’t do all the things you ever wanted. If you want to do the things you absolutely want, you should know how to manage your time. Allocate time properly to avoid the feeling that you’re always running out of it.

Manage your lifestyle
Stress Level: Moderate

Whether we’re out of time or not, stress is always caused by creating a lifestyle that’s unhealthy and potentially dangerous. One way of creating a Zen-like state and combating stress is managing your activities so that you’re able to accommodate all the things you ever wanted to do.

chill - Stress Management: How to Deal with Stress or Avoid It

Hang out with the people closest to you
Stress Level: Chill

If you find that you’re always running out of time, make time. Create time for the people who matter the most to you. Their support is also a big help if you feel like you’re always stress and need a time out. People like friends and family are a good source of support for you to fight stress.

Avoid certain substances
Stress Level: Average

You might always feel stressed because of high anxiety. This, however, is caused by some substances—most notably caffeine and stimulants like nicotine. These are found in cigarettes and coffee—two things you should avoid if you want your stress levels to go down.

Indulge in more physical activities
Stress Level: Moderate

When you are always cooped up in the office, you may feel like your life revolves around the four corners of your cubicle. Go out and have fun! Man wasn’t created to just sit around all day. Exercise or, better yet, take part in a group activity with your friends, like sports or jogging.

The best de-stressor: Sleep
Stress Level: Chill

Life can get too much to handle if you’re always chasing after it. Learn to settle down and let things happen. If you find that you lack sleep, make time for it; sleep can also help your body recover. By letting it recover, you’re also lowering your stress levels.

Stress happens on a daily basis, whether we like it or not, the key thing here is to keep it to a minimum; we should actively find activities to lower our stress such that it won’t bother us again.

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Blog4 - The Late New Year’s Resolution Guide: Tips to a Healthy 2018 Health Lifestyle New Year 

The Late New Year’s Resolution Guide: Tips to a Healthy 2018

It’s the New Year again or, to be exact, we’re already four months into the New Year. Having a resolution is a daunting task and most of the time we don’t complete what we set out to do. However, that doesn’t mean we should stop trying to make New Year’s resolutions. Think of it as guidelines to a better life.

If you haven’t even completed a new year’s resolution before in your life, maybe it’s time to start now. Take a look at some healthy inputs to try this 2018.

Do away with: Negativity

It’s not hard being a skeptic in the world you live in. There will always be someone better at what you do and, try as much as you can, you’ll fail from time to time. But that’s okay—this is normal. You move at your own pace and you know your real worth, so you should always keep your chin up.

Do away with: Weight obsession

Monitoring your weight might be healthy at times, but when it controls everything that you do, that’s the time when you should stop obsessing about it. If you have to, throw away your weighing scale. Work on your weight even without knowing how much you shed. The result comes off as a pleasant surprise.

img3 - The Late New Year’s Resolution Guide: Tips to a Healthy 2018

Do away with: Sacrificing your health

People tend to work their asses off and, when this happens, their health is always the first to go. If you want this New Year to be a better one, you take better care of your health. Go to your doctor’s appointments; follow their instructions. The key is to live longer and better.

Do away with: Late nights

A late night or two is great, but if you do it on a regular basis, you might lose out. At least seven hours of sleep should be a must for you, especially if you’re starting to get fewer chances to do it. Sleeping lets your body rest and does its thing and if you’re not getting enough sleep, your body isn’t doing well.

Do away with: Stress

This is a given. Stress is always an enemy—your body gets messed up, not to mention your mental and emotional state. It also gives your body the work out on a physical scale. Fortunately, there are easy ways—like accepting that everything isn’t in your control—to do away with stress.

water - The Late New Year’s Resolution Guide: Tips to a Healthy 2018

Do away with: Sacrificing water

Not many of us know the benefits of drinking water. Water has always been a big help to people, especially those who work out. Eight glasses of water a day isn’t just something doctors tell people—it’s something that helps your body function well. Don’t skip out on drinking water just because.

People should really start living up to their resolutions. If you haven’t, look to these tips and see if you can remember something you’ve been skipping out on—start working towards making it a part of your life this New Year.

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Blog3 - Make Your Day Harder: A Look at Dr. Mike’s Breakthrough Website Health Lifestyle 

Make Your Day Harder: A Look at Dr. Mike’s Breakthrough Website

Having behavioral changes and some tweaks to how you do your day-to-day isn’t easy. Aside from making radical improvements to your behavior, you’re basically creating a new space in which your life deviates from what you’re used to into something entirely new. It is never easy, but it’s something you should at least try, if it’s something that will improve your life.

Making Your Day Harder—the Idea

The idea for Make Your Day Harder came after a study was done that we have more times sitting and not standing up. While we’re living longer lives than our forebears, that doesn’t mean we’re living healthier, more pro-active lives than them. The name ‘Make Your Day Harder’ comes from the concept that we need more activity to justify our longer lives.

Changing the outlook

The team behind the website grasps on the idea of creating a drastic change in behavior by little adjustments done here and there. Have an anemic daily routine? You can start an overhaul by removing most of the stagnancy and moving little by little, avoiding inactivity in your day.

First tweak: A change in a week

One of the ideas of the ‘Make Your Day Harder’ movement is to merge small tweaks and little changes into your week. It could start by moving once every few hours. That could escalate by one active day in a week, and it could grow by as much as a whole week of activity in a month.

img2 - Make Your Day Harder: A Look at Dr. Mike’s Breakthrough Website

Second tweak: A sharing of 80 to 20

Another idea incorporated along with the active lifestyle is to create healthy food choices. This could happen by actively looking for healthy food 80% of the time. That doesn’t mean that you’ll shock your system into accepting, however; that leaves about 20% where you get to eat your favorite comfort foods that aren’t as healthy.

Third tweak: Sharing is caring

In today’s age, social media isn’t just for showing off your latest gadget or bragging about your latest trip. It’s also about sharing tips and help to others struggling with the same kind of inactivity as you. Got something useful to impart? Social media is just waiting for your own gem of knowledge.

Most of the time, we’re sitting around waiting for something interesting to happen. Why not make yourself that interesting? Try out new things you’ve never done before. Go somewhere you’ve never been. These little things are among the many activities that ‘Makes your Day Harder’ and more interesting.

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Blog2 - Stress Management: Dr. Mike Evans and the Single Most Important Thing for Stress Health Lifestyle Stress 

Stress Management: Dr. Mike Evans and the Single Most Important Thing for Stress

As much as you’d want to avoid it, stress is simply such an effective invasive thing that you usually have no idea how to remove it from your life. It’s not what controls your life, though; that privilege belongs to you.

A Change in Outlook

This is acknowledged as the greatest way to combat stress. We are often overcome by it because we tend to think of it as unavoidable. You should think of ways to avoid it or, often, replace it with a more positive line of thought. This could also make you more productive than ever.

journal - Stress Management: Dr. Mike Evans and the Single Most Important Thing for Stress

Process for stress removal – Keeping a journal

If you must, create a journal. Write about your day and read it from time to time. You might find out what causes your stress and what ways you can do to avoid that stress. Aside from that, you can see whether you’re stressed out most of the time and trigger yourself to avoid or change that feeling.

Process for stress removal – A walking ray of light

When you’re writing the journal, read between the lines and see if your day is full of negativity and short of positivity. It makes it rather easy to search and find the solution—enable your day so that more ‘sunlight’ comes through. It’s one way of combating stress as well as making yourself more fruitful.

jogging - Stress Management: Dr. Mike Evans and the Single Most Important Thing for Stress

Process for stress removal – A healthy day

A healthy consists of a combination of activities like hitting the gym or jogging as well as simple chores like staying positive and eating healthy. However, it could also be as simple as having a good night’s sleep or a good, hearty, laughter-filled conversation with close friends and family.

The 90 to 10 rule

In combating stress, it pays to following ideas like the ‘90/10’ rule. IN this rule, we accept that life throws 10% at us and it depends on us—the 90%–to make or break what life throws at us. We either grow or we break under that pressure.

It’s not really hard at all to figure out how to fight stress. The biggest contributor to removing it is by staying health—both in mind and body—and accepting change.

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