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Smoking is a habit you may have started on a dare. Usually, this happens when you’re young and out to prove yourself to people—normally your peers. However, as easy as it is to start this habit, you may find it a monumental challenge to stop.

There are alternatives to smoking. Most of them are offered by companies invested in helping you get better. Here are a few of those companies and the programs that they offer.

The Mayo Clinic

A clinic famous for helping people with addiction problems, it’s only natural for them to offer ‘quit smoking’ programs. Theirs is a program based on replacing your habit with a healthier lifestyle coupled with a program designed to help you stop smoking.

Vape Club

It’s not a healthier alternative to smoking, but if it helps wean you away from actual, tobacco-based cigarettes, then it’s better than nothing. The Vape Club offers e-Cigarettes online as well as liquids used for vaping.


If you’re trying to quit all on your own, it can be quite the challenge. WhyQuit is only one of the available resources online for people trying to overcome their habit. It offers programs and resources designed to help people overcome their destructive habit.


This online resource offers a more direct approach for people trying to quit smoking on their own. Backed by the US Department of Health and Human Services, it offers help in the form of quit plans and coaches as well as support for cutting off tobacco from your everyday life.

Dr. John Grohol’s Psych Central

Realizing the mental part of developing a habit is a big help in quitting smoking. This website offers help in the form of psych evaluation and mental health support. It’s been available online since the earlier part of the 90s.