Useful Resources – 7 Health Companies

resources - Useful Resources – 7 Health Companies

We’re all trying to make it past 70 and well into the 80s. To reach that age, we seriously need to take a look at our health. There are a lot of things that goes into it. Diet, discipline, the right sleeping and fitness habits—all of these combine to bring us past that 70-year-old age line and live to see our grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Here are some companies to collaborate with or search to help with that elusive health betterment goal:

Fitbit Wellness

This company has made a living out of making people healthier. Their company truly espouses what they do—creating customized health and wellness programs for other people—as they have a truly wonderful health program for their employees.

Houston Methodist
Here is one of the companies who benefited from Fitbit’s Wellness Program. Houston Methodist may be a medical center, but that doesn’t mean they have less of a need of the Fitbit program. The company has been partnering with Fitbit for quite a long time now.

Google surely knows how to take care of its employees. From customized lounges and creative extra-curricular rooms, they also have their own health and fitness classes.

Motley Fool
Motley Fool has created a balance between work and fitness that’s second to none. They have fitness boot camps, subsidized massaged, and free-spinning classes—everything under the sun under one roof.

Earth Friendly Products
Not only does this company invest in making the Earth better; it also looks out for its employees. It promotes organic foods through a gardening program for people who work there.

Free gym memberships, nap rooms, fitness classes and marathon reimbursements—these are just a few of the fitness programs that Zappos implements for its employees.

Draper, Inc.
It hasn’t been voted the ‘healthiest workplace’ across the US for nothing. Draper has created what it calls a ‘Wellness Park’ on its compound to promote a balance between work and health.