About Dr. Mike

Dr. Mike is a jack-of-all-trades of the medical profession; he’s been a family physician, an Family Medicine and Public Health educator. He envisions making a revolution in the medical profession. This he aims to bring about by pairing people from the creative profession—creative directors, advertisers, and generally people with skills that don’t belong in the medical profession—and mix them with people from the medical field. This is what he built the website for.

His idea for the website came from a drive to have as much diversity in it as possible. Dr. Mike became a part of different committees and different organization as chairman, founder, or official. Through all those experiences, he learned that medicine doesn’t have a single-cut solution for everything; it’s figuring the cure out through different approaches and looking at it through different angles and views.

This website is also borne out of a need to deliver his findings to the public in a completely simple manner. Not everyone has a complete understanding of medical terms, so he devised a way to deliver that to people of every profession, and that is through this website.