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Alcoholism and How to Stop It: Finding the Magic Medicine to Keep Alcohol Away

To be clear, there’s no ‘magic medicine’ or ‘immediate solution’ to stopping alcohol addiction. As easy as it is to get addicted to alcohol, it is hard to stay away from it. The only way you can completely get free of alcoholism is to seek help from professionals who know what they’re doing.

If you have a problem with alcoholism and you want to finally be rid of it, here’s a few tips to help. It pays to remember that it’s still better to consult professionals who know what they’re doing.

1|Know that you have a serious problem

Addiction is a serious problem. You never know how it started, though you may have an idea why you started it. You’ll never know that you have a problem until you realize and recognize it. Once you know it, you’ll have to figure out a way how to stop yourself from falling into the same problem over and over again until you find your way out.

2|Know the reasons for quitting

You know you have a problem, now know the reason why you should deal with the problem. The best way to do this is to make a list of why you’re stopping; it could be that you’re already walking away from people who mean a lot to you. It could also be a way to get the money you drink away back. Whatever your reason, find one that makes sense to you and stick to it.

think - Alcoholism and How to Stop It: Finding the Magic Medicine to Keep Alcohol Away

3|Know your goals

When you’ve started realizing your problem and have a reason to quit, you have to set mini-goals and stick to making them. When do you want to stop drinking and how much—little by little—can you give up? You can make a list of it. Another reason you should follow your goals is to make yourself feel better when you complete each goal—a good motivator for completing it.

4|Know how to quit properly

Let’s face it—there are ways to stop and, sometimes, it’s better to just stop drinking bit by bit than just stopping altogether. You can do this by cutting back on the drinks until you find your reliance on it diminishing. You can then start cutting back some more until you feel you can completely stop drinking. By then, you can say that you’re completely ready to cut back on alcohol.

Alcoholism isn’t a pretty sight—you lose yourself and you cut yourself away from family. When you learn to keep away from drinks, that’s the time you start on the path to recovery.

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